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Multi-Tenant Housing Improvement

As a new tenant in a building, you may have specific cabling needs. We are here to work with you to install a cabling system that meets your individual needs, personalizing your space the way you want it. Once installed, we make sure our work meets the buildings inspection standards. If you are facing a deadline we will do our best to get your building improvements completed before inspections. Our construction experts are here for you every step of the way.

New Construction and Remodeling Projects

Increasing demand for affordable multi-tenant housing has created a boom in the construction industry. Not only is there a high demand for new homes, but these homes all require high technology solutions for the residents multimedia needs. Is your building in the 21st century? IRONcladCE can make sure you're residents experience nothing but the best.

Property Management IT Services

Multi-family residential homes and apartments have unique needs. The scope of work is far greater than in a single family residence. In almost all cases specialized cabling solutions are required to meet the need of your residents. IRONcladCE specializes in large scale riser management, data cabling and video surveillance systems. In addition to individual living spaces property managers must manage common areas such as lobbies, parking lots and stairwells. Navigating city and state regulations for compliance in public areas is a time consuming task, but at IRONcladCE, we've got you covered.

IRONcladCE Tenant Improvements

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